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Esteban Paris Parfums



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The EDITION SILVER COLOR fragrance mist diffuser allows you to create a delicately scented and luminous atmosphere according to your desires. When turned off, it is a beautiful and timeless glass object thanks to its elegant curves and metallic finish. As soon as it is turned on, it never ceases to captivate us with its play of transparencies and spectacular colors.

It can be diffused until 5:30 on average continuously without stopping with a tank filled to the maximum of 70 ml. It stops automatically when there is no more water.

It allows the subtlety of the perfume to diffuse even in large spaces, restoring the liveliness of the top notes, the richness of the heart notes and the imprint of the base notes. Invisible, its ultrasonic technology creates vibrations so fast that water and perfume mix to diffuse in the form of a scented mist in just a few minutes. Easy to use and safe, this diffuser is programmed to fit your every desire.

  • Luminous color change
  • Uninterrupted alternating and continuous broadcast (≈ 5h30)
  • Format 16.5 cm x 12 cm
  • Compatible with all Estéban perfume concentrates

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