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Maison Berger Paris

Catalytic Lamp Art Edition Crystal Globe Grise

Catalytic Lamp Art Edition Crystal Globe Grise

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The luxury and exclusivity of the Art Edition of the Maison Berger Paris catalogue.

In mass-tinted glass, this Maison Berger Art Edition Crystal Globe Grise lamp has a beautiful effect from the inside . This is covered with a double layer of glass, a first transparent and then a second black, which gives it this pleasant color tone. Its hand-cut wave chest brings movement to this spherical chest, for a modern and refined result.

Generous awakening of the senses and emotions, an invaluable work of art to contemplate and smell, offering you a new perception of the world.

Discover its benefits and method of use in the Secret of a clean environment.

All Maison Berger catalytic lamps come with the diffuser, cap, wick and funnel.


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