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Perfume your closet

How we like the feeling of opening a closet door and a pleasant smell full of sensations and memories comes to us. Getting it is easier than we think. In the live “Scent your closet” with Olga from Miro5 we tell you all the methods to perfume both our closets and the drawers of our home.

To begin with, we are going to talk to you about the most traditional method such as scented soaps , a simple method and with the advantage that once the intensity of the perfume loses, it can be used as a toilet soap. At Aromaticks we have boxes of scented soaps from Mathilde M. that brings tradition to a level of elegance and exquisiteness with delicate and powdery perfumes that accompany its delicate shapes and precious packaging that become a perfect solution in which we will later give it a second life in our bathrooms. The duration of the perfume in the soaps is around six months.

Box of scented soaps MAthilde M.

Going from the traditional to the most used method, we have the sachets, easy to place, whether hanging on the hanger bar or on shelves, drawers or between clothes. Sachets of various sizes and with a wide variety of aromas, finding your perfect aroma is guaranteed. Brands like Boles d'olor with its intense perfumes, Durance with its natural philosophy or Mathilde M. with its delicacy will make your clothes not want to leave the closet. The duration of the sachets varies between four and six months.

Durance Lavender Sachet in Aromaticks

For small spaces we have the Boles d'olor mini resins, scented pearls in their tulle bag with EVA technology that regulates the diffusion of the fragrance, achieving more than six months of duration in closed drawers.

Mini resin from Boles d'olor in Aromaticks

Timeless classic chic style, Mathilde M. at its best. We fall in love with its scented ceramics with an endless life since we can perfume them over and over again with its perfume concentrates. Make your closet an elegant and unique place by placing the ceramics where you like the most, hanging them on doors, bars or simply leave them on shelves or drawers.

And finally, the ideal method for open closets, essential to achieve extra intensity or a more personal and varied application, with more continuous perfume changes, we have scented sprays for textiles, spray as you like directly on the clothes , bedding, cushions or pillows. With Durance we find natural, elegant and fine perfumes, in the Boles d'olor range we find those formulated with particles to eliminate bad odors, vaporize and aerate and you will have your clothes ready. And what can we tell you about Mathilde M.'s pillow mists that will make your dreams a restful experience.

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