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Maison Berger Paris

Bouquet Maison Berger Paris By Starck Peau De Soie

Bouquet Maison Berger Paris By Starck Peau De Soie

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The Starck Peau de Soie Bouquet is infused with femininity and modernity. The pure and timeless lines, the filigree of the collection, are the result of a common vision, that of designer Philippe Starck and Maison Berger Paris. The unique conical shape of the object immediately catches the eye and is reminiscent of laboratory glassware. All its originality lies in the shape of its sole. It has been curved, giving a "glass in glass" impression and a feeling of lightness. While its metal ring with organic motifs signs the whole.

The Starck Peau de Soie scented bouquet is part of a minimalist trend. Covered in a translucent pink color full of delicacy , which perfectly embodies the Peau de Soie 400ml perfume that accompanies it, it begins a fascinating olfactory ballet.

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