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Maison Berger Paris

Anti Odor Bouquet My Laundry 125 ml

Anti Odor Bouquet My Laundry 125 ml

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You may be one of the lucky ones to have a laundry room in your home, to wash, dry and iron, leave dirty clothes, shoes, etc. However, sometimes you may encounter some unpleasant odors. Poor wastewater disposal, a clogged siphon, clothing that is too wet for too long or even that smell of perspiration can be the cause. In this case, there is nothing like an anti-odor bouquet in the laundry room to quickly neutralize odors. The joint action of patented molecules associated with musky floral notes allows you to enjoy a pleasant olfactory trail with a clean smell.


Ylang, Lavender, Aldehydes


hawthorn, jasmine, rose, peony


powdery notes, amber, musk, vanilla

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