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Maison Berger Paris

Petillance Exquise home perfume 500 ml

Petillance Exquise home perfume 500 ml

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The Maison Berger Petillance Exquiese Perfume.

There are bubbles that make us happy with happy celebrations, sparkling wines that tell us about excellence, nectars that only make us envy...
It all begins with the invigorating glow of a grapefruit zest, then comes the elegance and gluttony of a bouquet of flowers; finally, the notes of a stimulating and fruity base settle with delight… The Parfum de Maison Pétillance Exquise is the perfect illustration of a sense of celebration.

TOP NOTES : Grapefruit
HEART NOTES: Patchouli, Rose, Lily Of The Valley
BASE NOTES: Violet, musk, champagne

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